Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you!

A very BIG and WARM thank you to some extremely kind and generous donators to the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique. I am so happy to say that the Angel Wings waiting to fly home have been posted and should be at their destination in time for the Holidays.

This makes my heart so happy (as our 3 year old would say!)

I feel very honoured to be able to create a special gift in memory of our babies. I feel even more honoured to have met so many beautiful and caring souls on this incredible journey.

Thank you again... you know who you are.

Lea xo


Ashley said...

I just want to thank you so much, from the bottom of my soul. Upon coming home from a horrible day of broken promises, and a strained heart, I received your package. I know from the depths of my heart that it was put in my mailbox from God that day, and could have never had better timing. The wings are absolutely beautiful and perfect. Thank you for putting a little glimmer of hope, in this whirlwind we call life.

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