About The Angel Wings Project

Thank you for stopping by the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique. This initiative was created in loving memory of our youngest son, Nicholas, who was born sound asleep on November 7, 2008.

In the difficult time following Nicholas' death, a beautiful friend gave us a pair of sweet, delicate Angel Wings which now hang gently over his picture and footprint frame. They are a continuous reminder that we have our very own Guardian Angel watching over us.

I am now offering this simple comfort to other grieving parents. It is a small gesture from my heart to yours ... from our Angel to your Angel.

Please Note - the same set of Angel Wings are used for each photo.

If you request your Angel's Wings to be mailed to you, they will not look exactly the same as your photo. They are personally handcrafted by myself, therefore each set of Wings are unique.

Love and Peace to all.